Content Policy

The following types of content are not allowed to be shared on uploadsome. They will be removed when reported:

Copyright violation: Works which are shared without permission from the copyright holder. For copyright reports we need a formal DMCA takedown request originating from the copyright holder or a representative. If your request is not valid it will be ignored. 

Abuse of minors: Videos, images or audio fragments depicting abuse or inappropriate touching of minors will be removed and reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children when found.

Terrorism: Videos, images or audio fragments which promote and glorify acts of terrorism.

Gore: Graphic and shocking videos or images depicting severe harm to humans (or animals). I will clarify that I am not strictly against shocking content, and it is also not illegal in most places. When a shocking video goes viral it often ends up in the wrong places and it can cause mental issues for unsuspecting viewers. For that reason I will remove it when it gets reported.

Malware and computer viruses: Software designed to cause harm to computer systems.

Doxing: Posting private information about an individual or organisation. This includes publicly sharing private photos, videos or documents. Shaming and extortion are not accepted.

Violating these rules will result in your IP address being banned from uploading to uploadsome.

If you have found content which falls in any of these categories on uploadsome please report it using the report button on the download page of the file. Do not send an e-mail, it will be ignored. When a file has received enough reports of the same type it will automatically be blocked.